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We recognize that each of our residents are unique, thus our services are customized to every individual's likes and hobbies. This ensures that our clients receive the right care to make them feel at home with us. Clients can remain independent as our caregivers are experts in providing assistance and support.

Our elderly parents

Silver Creek AFH provides a full spectrum of daily services in our Care Home that help everyone live a life full of dignity, purpose, and respect. Whether one of our residents requires Medication Monitoring or they’d like to sign up for Nutritional and Dietary Counseling, we strive to provide many options so our community members feel well taken care of.

24hr care

Medication Management

Nurse Delegation

Nurse Assessment 

Specializes in Medically Intensive and Hospice Care

Daily assisstance

Nutritious Meal Planning


Bathing Assisstance





Bingo/Board games

Movie Nights

And More

4 Private Rooms

1 Shared Room

24hr care
24 Hr Care

Silver Creek AFH strives to offer the best senior living in Puyallup. Qualified staff are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to attend to all of our community members’ personal and healthcare needs. We understand that additional assistance may be required, and that’s ok - it’s the reason we’re here. Families can rest assured as our caregivers are regularly delegated with any new medication our residents use. As experienced ICU nurses, Annie and Romeo, are always ready to take on medically intensive care for their residents. 

Daily assistance
Daily Assistance

Nutrition plays a great part of our health and especially our residents. That is why we strategically plan our meals while having the flexibility to cater to any preference. We take care of laundry and housekeeping so our residents will always have something to wear and a clean home to live in. Bathing assistance is available for all residents.

Halloween 2023

Many activities can be found at Silver Creek AFH. As a fan of painting, Annie made sure supplies are readily available for resident use. A variety of book are also found on our book shelf; from biographies to science fiction. Families can visit their loved ones and play a nice game of Bingo, Scrabble, Monopoly, or Clue. It has become a tradition with Annie and Romeo's family to have a weekly movie night, a tradition that is now passed to their adult family home. Making it truly feel like a home. Our team is very flexible to any hobby a resident may have. 

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Our Rooms
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